2018. May Box Description


Sano Ramen

From the city of Sano in Tochigi prefecture, the noodles of the Sano Ramen are pounded using bamboo sticks and made with water fresh from the famous springs in the city. The texture of this ramen is “mochi-mochi” and “tsuru-tsuru”, which means a little chewy and smooth in Japanese. The instant noodle version of Sano Ramen tastes very close to the original version so you can feel like you are eating in a ramen shop in Tochigi with every bite! Don’t miss this chance to eat “Sano Ramen”!


Men Zukuri Shoyu Tonkotsu

Soy sauce based soup with pork and vegetable flavors. It is one of the most popular flavors from Maruchan.


Gotsumori Chanpon

Chanpon originated from Nagasaki. The thick noodles and white soup are its signature characteristic. You can add seafood, pork or chicken to enhance the flavor.


Karai Ramen

A Korean style inspired noodles made from a seafood based soy sauce combined with various different spices. It tastes a little like Kimchi. If you like spicy food you will definitely love this one!



One of the best Instant Yakisoba (fried noodles).

Why is it called UFO? Not many Japanese people know about this either!

But it’s actually very simple…

U=Umai (Delicious)

F=Futoi (Thick)

O=Okii (Big)

UFO noodles are thick and delicious!


Charumera Tonkotsu

Hard thin straight noodles in pork based soup. Since the noodles are very thin, it only takes 90 seconds to cook. Tonkotsu soup is usually very thick and creamy but this soup is light and easy to drink. One of the most popular Instant Tonkotsu Ramen in Japan!


Maruchan Seimen Miso

It is made with a well balanced blend of red and white miso and a bit of ginger.The noodles are thick and have a nice chew to them!
If you loveMiso Ramen, it is one of the best instant miso ramen you can get!


Ankake Ramen

Ankake Ramen is a noodles with starchy sauce. This is a little different from a typical ramen and you can enjoy this noodle to the fullest by adding eggs, pork and vegetables.


Tabete Dashimen Yuzudashi

This is a quite new ramen, launched in 2016. It is very rare ramen with yuzu flavor(a type of citrus fruit). Many Japanese people don’t even know this ramen! Don’t miss this chance to

taste this tasty ramen!


Tempura Soba

Soba is usually made from buckwheat flour and eaten either cold or hot.

This noodle comes with Tempura which are seafood or vegetables battered and deep friend.

Enjoy the noodles that are different from typical ramen.