2018. April Box Description


Ramen Sora Kara Miso

“Acecook” reproduced a ramen from a popular ramen store “Sora” located in Hokkaido.

It is a spicy miso flavor. Japanese pepper is used in the soup. If you are a fan of spicy food, you will definitely love it. Enjoy this rare ramen you can get onlly in Japan!


Super Cup Torigara Shoyu

Shoyu(Soy sauce) with a chicken based soup. The coup is very rich and it ha s1.5 times more than an average ramen. 


Home Run Ken Yasai Tanmen

Vegetable Tanmen. Tanmen is a kind of Ramen that has a lot of vegetables. The flavor of chicken goes perfectly well with the vegetables.


Gotsumori Wanton Shoyu

Ankake Ramen is a noodles with starchy sauce. This is a little different from a typical ramen and you can enjoy this noodle to the fullest by adding eggs, pork and vegetables.


Hyobanya Kokumiso Ramen

Miso based soup. Miso is one of the youngest form of  ramen. The soup is very thick and rich with a lot of vegetables. This noodle comes with cabbage, corns and sesame. You can add your favorite vegetables to enjoy this ramen to the fullest.


Curry Ramen

Th name tells you eveything. This is a noodle with Japanese curry soup. By adding vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, and onions, you can enhance the flavor!


Nissin Raoh Tonkotsu Ramen

One of the most popular brand. This is Ramen with pork based soup. The noodles are very thin and goes well with the soup! If you like hard bite noodles, just cook for one min instead of 1min 30 sec.


Mukashinagara no Chukasoba

A classic Japanese Ramen. If you are a fan of simple shoyu(Soy sauce) ramen, you will definitely love it. since its simplicity it is loved by many people for a long time.


Ramen Yasan Sapporo Miso Aji

Miso based ramen from Sapporo, Hokkaido. Miso Ramen is a specialty from Hokkaido.

”Ramen Yasan” Series is  very popular in Japan and once you taste it, you might get addicted!


Nissin Raoh Shio

Shio ramen (salt based soup)from a popular ramen brand Nisshin Raoh. It is a salt Ramen but they use chicken and fish extract for the base. The soup is light and delicious!