About Us
We are a bunch of Japanese guys from Tokyo with an immeasurable love for RAMEN. We started "Japan Ramen Box" to share it with YOU. Did you know that here in Japan, we have more than 2,000 types of "Instant Ramen"? Our mission is to try them ALL! Would you want to join us?
We will pack your box with the most delicious, bizarre and unique ramen from Japan.
ーーー Japan Ramen Box Team
Since we are based in Tokyo, we only choose Instant Ramen from Japanese Brands in order to deliver only the authetic instant ramen to you.
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We are a small team based in Tokyo, united by a common purpose: To share OUR LOVE FOR RAMEN to all the people in the world. People call us "Ramen Freaks" (in Japanese: Ramen-Otaku), but we are more than that. We proudly call ourselves "RAMEN SOMMELIERS"; Ramen Experts who know the true taste of true Ramen. And we have chosen "Instant Ramen" to share our expertise with you. We can not deliver Ramen overseas, but we can deliver "Instant Ramen". We choose only the best of the best "Instant Ramen" from the 2,000 types that are currently sold in Japan. We want to share our experience and passion with you.