Instant Ramen From the Past to the Future

Instant ramen noodles have become a big hit in recent years around the globe. From spicy instant ramen challenge to Michelin ramen shop releasing instant version cup noodle, instant ramen has become a part of our life.

Before we start the story of instant ramen, let’s start with stories of noodles and ramen!

History of Noodle

There are thousands and thousand of types of noodles around the globe now. We can’t even count how many noodles there are. In 2005, the first bowl of noodle was unearthed by Chinese scientists in China, and it is estimated to be around 4000-year-old. Not only the types of noodles, there are tons of ways of making a bowl of noodle. Differ from the places we live, the weather, noodles can be served in cold with ice, or hot with more than 8 hours cooked chicken broth.

History of Ramen

Noodle and ramen were originated from China! However, Japan is the one who makes it into a big hit. Ramen was introduced to Japan between 17th to 20th centuries. Now, it has also become one of the must-eat food while traveling in Japan. You will find different flavors of ramen in different areas, and can even find Ramen museums and Ramen streets in Japan.

Recently, some popular Ramen shops even open their overseas. You can now eat Ippudo ramen in New York!

History of Instant noodle


The first-ever instant ramen is created by Momofuku Ando (the founder of Nissin Ramen Cup) in 1958. Mr. Ando witnessed people starving and dies on the streets during WWII. And that is one of the reasons why he began on inventing instant ramen. By adding boiling water into dried noodles for 2 minutes, magic happens, tasty noodle can be served.

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Now, people use instant ramen to do challenges or rate them. Not only bringing happiness and fun to our life, it has become part of our daily life.

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