The Strangest Cup Noodles Nissin Have Made so Far…


One of Nissin’s most popular products is the Cup Noodle. The original cup noodle comes in many different flavors but when trying to come up with new ones, Nissin have created some that may have raised a few eyebrows. In this post, we will look at some of the strangest cup noodles Nissin have made so far…


1. CUP NOODLE STAMINA (Black Version)



This cup noodle apparently boosts your stamina if you ate it as it was packed with garlic (check out the commercial that’s just as bizarre as the noodles concept below). This cup noodle also consisted of black soy sauce, beef karubi, spicy black pepper, red pepper, sesame and green onions. Not sure if there was any scientific research behind the making of this cup noodle but is sure sounds delicious! There was another CUP NOODLE STAMINA (Red Version) released alongside with this favor which was spicy red miso flavored with pork belly.




2. CUP NOODLE Summer




What does summer taste like? Well according to Nissin it tastes like bacon, scrambled eggs, carrots, cabbage and spring onions with a hint of lemon grass. The idea behind this flavor was that the hot and spicy flavors would’ve helped you forget the heat of summer of 1995. Ok Nissin…


3. CUP NOODLE Skeleton




Not exactly a strange flavor, but definitely the most interesting looking cup noodles. The Skeleton Flavor luckily did not include skeletons and in fact had a very classic soy sauce base. This cup noodle was named “skeleton” due to its transparent packaging. The see-through cup lets you see what goes on inside the cup when you pour boiling water in to cook the noodles.



Check out the CUP NOODLE SKELETON in action!


4. CUP NOODLE Pizza Margherita



Do you like pizza? Of course you do. Who doesn’t? But a cup noodle that tastes like pizza? Whaaaat? Mindblown. This Italian inspired cup noodle has a tomato basil soup base and comes with mozzarella cheese. Mama mia deliziso!





As the name suggests, the RED ZONE flavor is HOT. The soup is red and chicken based. Squid and octopus was added in this noodle for a seafood taste that complimented the spiciness.





Have you tried any weird instant ramen noodle flavors? If you were to create a strange flavor what would it be? Let us know!