Top Ramen Brands

you’re in your kitchen, you’re looking for something to make into a satisfying meal, and your stomach is telling you that you better hurry up before the hunger grows too strong. Then you see it – a package of instant ramen just waiting to be cooked! Your eyes light up, your heart beats faster, and you realize that the salty, delicious taste of ramen noodles was just what you were looking for all along. The fact that you don’t have to leave your home to enjoy a beautiful bowl of ramen only sweetens the deal.


Our Picks Of The Top Ramen Brands To Eat At Home

Okay, so maybe nothing like what we mentioned above actually happened. Regardless, everyone who thought about that scenario had a specific brand of instant ramen in mind. Some people imagined Nissin, while some people imagined Maruchan, and some people even imagined Yamadai. No matter what brand of instant ramen your mind conjured up, there’s a specific brand and flavor out there to suit anyone’s taste buds and make their stomachs happy.

In this article, we’re going to talk about our lists of top ramen brands, both instant and fresh. If your favorite brand doesn’t make the cut, let us know in the comments below! First, we’ll tackle our favorite fresh ramen brands, followed by our favorite instant ramen brands.


Top Picks For Fresh Ramen At Home

Fresh ramen is sold in either frozen or refrigerated varieties, as the noodles are not dehydrated like their instant ramen counterparts. They are said to taste fresher and more authentic than their dried counterparts and are making a big wave in local ramen markets.


Sun Noodle

Available online or in select stores that have started carrying this brand, Sun Noodle is making waves in the ramen community. The company has honed their skills to present delicious, satisfying noodles that are fresh and tasty. With premium quality comes a higher price tag, so be prepared to pay more than you would on instant ramen, but less than the cost for a bowl of ramen served at a restaurant.

Umi Organic

Claiming to be the first-ever refrigerated organic ramen noodle (which, to our knowledge is completely true), Umi Organic is offering up a unique spin on traditional ramen. Using the finest quality organic ingredients, Umi Organic has created a tasty dish that would do an authentic Japanese ramen chef proud. For those looking for a vegetarian or vegan alternative to ramen noodles, Umi Organic is the perfect dish to treat yourself to.


Yamachan Ramen

Straight from sunny California to a grocery store near you, Yamachan Ramen is as delicious as it is fresh. Boasting a large variety of flavors, these noodles are flying off the shelves! They’ve even had to bring back one of their popular staple products of fresh, plain noodles that can be added to any soup or broth. If you prefer the tastes and seasonings of your own broth, Yamachan Ramen’s fresh noodles are the perfect addition to complete any meal.


Make Your Own

While this one’s technically not a brand, it’s definitely something we recommend everyone to try at least once in their lifetime. There are a few online tutorials online that people can follow, but the basic ingredients to making your own ramen are water, flour, and baked soda (or baking powder and eggs). Salt can also be added to taste. Many say that making the noodles is easiest with a pasta machine, but some prefer to cut them by hand! All in all, the taste of fresh ramen you made yourself is surely worth the effort! Let us know in the comments if you’ve ever made your own ramen and if so what you thought about your handwork!


Top Picks For Instant Ramen At Home

Now that we’ve gotten fresh ramen out of the way, let’s take a look at instant ramen! These varieties are commonly found in Japan, but can also be ordered and shipped to almost anywhere in the world. If you’re looking to try any of these authentic Japanese instant noodle brands, you can always subscribe to our monthly ramen subscription service and have authentic Japanese instant ramen delivered straight to your door!


For now, let’s take a look at some of the most delicious dried noodles Japan has to offer.


Ichiran Instant Ramen

Looking for a more refined ramen experience? Well-known in Japan for serving some of the best tasting and extremely delectable ramen, Ichiran decided to join the growing need for good instant ramen, and has been making and selling their own premium instant ramen ever since. Clocking in at almost $8 a package when sold online, this ramen is definitely a high-class treat. If you’re looking to try an instant ramen dish that’s almost as good as the real thing, then fork up the cash and grab a package of any of the delicious flavors offered by Ichiran.


One of the most well-known instant ramen distributors, Maruchan has been feeding hungry ramen lovers around the world for quite some time. Their wide variety of styles and flavors means that there’s likely something for everyone to enjoy! They have ramen packages that require cooking in a pot of boiling water, bowls and cups that can be heated in the microwave or just have hot water added, and microwavable yakisoba! With more flavors than most other brands can offer, Maruchan delivers cheap, satisfying ramen that’s sure to hit the spot.


The original instant ramen brand, Nissin provides much of the same style of products that Maruchan does as well, but also a few more unique styles of dried noodles. They even offer chow mien for those who crave different types of Asian noodles! One of their more popular items, the ‘Souper Meal’ is loved for being a larger helping of ramen that satisfies those that wish normal packages were just a bit bigger.

Sapporo Ichiban

Commonly eaten and adored in the United States, Hong Kong, Canada, Argentina, and Mexico, these delicious noodles have been a staple food source in many diets worldwide. They have many different flavors, and also offer yakisoba and kitsune udon. Some say that their instant ramen is just as good as any ramen that can be found locally in Sapporo, but it’s hard to say unless you’ve had the pleasure of trying them both!

Ippudo Instant Ramen

One of the biggest complaints most people have about instant ramen is the lack of toppings. Normally, traditional bowls of ramen served in Japan are loaded with delicious toppings that help to highlight the ramen. Sure, you can add toppings yourself to any bowl of instant ramen you make at home, but nothing beats having a fresh sheet of seaweed, hard boiled egg, or pork slice served on top of your noodles. Ippudo Instant Ramen takes a step in the right direction by actually including a slice of pork with their noodles along with the authentic taste of real Japanese ramen! If you’re starving for Japanese toppings, Ippudo’s got you covered!


Just like Ippudo and Sapporo, Yamadai’s ultimate goal was to make an instant ramen that could stand up to the great taste and flavor of their restaurant’s ramen. Hailing from Kyoto, Japan, Yamadai replaces the heavily used MSG other ramens rely on and instead infuse their creations with authentic ramen tastes. This makes their ramen tastes more refreshing and lighter than other brands that rely on MSG for taste. Not only do Yamadai instant ramens have a more authentic taste, but they’re also healthier for you!



Better known for their larger sizes of instant ramen bowls, many people enjoy the wide variety of flavors offered by Acebook. Ramen consumers love the extra salty taste and often find that adding soy sauce or any other seasonings is much too much for these instant ramen bowls. For those trying to enjoy the delicious tastes of ramen but also watch their figure, they also offer low-calorie varieties that sport the same great taste!


Which Is Best?

When making ramen at home, the possibilities are endless. You can customize your dish exactly how you want it, and the sky’s the limit in regards to what toppings and spices you can add. Having quality ramen is important, but even ramen that isn’t labeled as a ‘premium’ ramen can still be spiced up and enjoyed as much as the other brands.


Our suggestion? Let your stomach be your guide to which ramen is perfect for you! Comment below with your favorite brand and let us know why you love it so much! If you haven’t decided which brand you like best, you can also subscribe to our monthly ramen subscription box to have a selection of authentic Japanese instant ramens delivered right to your door!