2018. July Box Description


Maruchan Seimen Tan Tan Men

Tan Tan Ramen is a Chinese-Japanese hybrid, a noodle soup with a deep broth flavored with sesame and a bit of chili-pepper heat. This cup noodle is miso based soup with pork flavor. It has a quite kick and if you love spicy food, you will definitely enjoy it!


Acecook Chukasoba

Shoyu ramen with pork and chicken based soup. Seasonings such as ginger and garlic are added to enhance the flavor.

Don’t for get to put a grilled pork and memma(bamboo shoot).


Maruchan Gotsumori Tonkotsu Shoyu

Shoyu Tonkotsu Ramen. The soup is rich. Dried sardine powder is also added to enhance the flavor. It will definitely fill up your stomach.


Maruchan Qtta Curry Ramen

Curry ramen from QTTA series. Curry soup and the noodles go well together. Pork flavor in the soup enhances the taste. If you like curry and ramen, you can enjoy both at the same time!


Hot Noodle Neo hamashio

Ramen with seafood based soup. There are kamaboko(fish cakes), eggs and green onions as toppings. Do you love seafood? You will definitely love it!


Ankake Ramen

Ankake Ramen is a noodles with starchy sauce. This is a little different from a typical ramen and you can enjoy this noodle to the fullest by adding eggs, pork and vegetables.


Maruchan Seimen Gomadare

Cold noodles called “Hiyashi Chuka soba”, literally means chilled Chinese noodles. It is one of the summer food in Japan. 


Mukashinagara no Shio Ramen

Salt Ramen. You can enjoy the taste that has been around since a long time ago.The noodles are cooked without getting fried. 


Hiyashi Ramen

Another cold noodles. You can add many toppings such as cucumbers, ham, eggs and tomatoes!


Tabete Dashimen Kyougamo Dashi

Ramen with a high-quality duck based soup. The soup is very rich.

If you like thick soup like tonkotsu soup, you will definitely enjoy this ramen.