2018. July Box Description


Maruchan Seimen Tan Tan Men

Tan Tan Ramen is a Chinese-Japanese hybrid. It’s a noodle soup with a deep broth flavored with sesame and a bit of chili-pepper heat. This cup noodle is miso based soup with pork, crab, minced meat, and pepper for taste. It has quite a spicy kick, so if you love spicy food you will definitely enjoy it!



Acecook Chukasoba

Don’t worry about flavors and seasonings with this ramen; they’ve already added garlic and ginger to make sure the broth is both delightful and filling. For those who eat this ramen everyday in Japan – and there are plenty of people who do!

The biggest tip we can give is to add a bit of grilled pork and bamboo shoots (called menma) to make the dish a truly satisfying meal!



Maruchan Gotsumori Tonkotsu Shoyu

Staying true to the Gotsumori series of instant ramens, this rich, delicious pork bone soup consists of 90 grams of noodles and is 100% delicious, authentic ramen. The noodles are smooth, crispy, and elastic, and are accentuated by onion and garlic flavors.

The broth is thick and flavored by both pork bones and soy sauce, though dried sardine powder is also added to enhance the flavor. With almost 100 grams of noodles and a thick, heavy broth, this ramen will definitely fill up your stomach!



Maruchan Qtta Curry Ramen

A special curry ramen from QTTA series! The noodles are smooth and elastic due to the “shiny mochi recipe”, and are fried with oil and lard to give a uniquely fragrant flavor. The soup is a more European style curry, but still has a delicious pork, potato, and onion taste that Japan is famous for.  If you like both curry and ramen, you can enjoy both at the same time!



Hot Noodle Neo hamashio

Perfect for a heavy snack or light meal, Maruchan has made a new line of their popular instant cup noodles just for their ramen-loving patrons! Seasoned with onion, garlic, and chicken extract, these fried noodles will leave you feeling full and satisfied. The soup base gets its seafood taste from the savory shrimp and fish extracts, which pair perfectly with all the ingredients and spices!



Ankake Ramen

Ankake Ramen is an easy to cook rice noodle that tastes just the same at home as it does in noodle shops in Japan. Using a delicious soy sauce and vegetable broth, this dish really shines with tempura features. You can enjoy this noodle to the fullest by adding boiled eggs, pork, and vegetables.



Maruchan Seimen Gomadare

One of the best things to do on a hot day is enjoy a nice, chilled bowl of noodles! In Japan, Seimen Gomadare dishes are quite popular for beating the summer heat. Their name translates to chilled Chinese noodles, though there’s more to them than just their title. The noodles are smooth and textured, and they come with an optional soup made from various vinegars and sesame sauce. You can also served these noodles as a cold Chinese salad!



Mukashinagara no Shio Ramen

The secret to this salt ramen is that the noodles are actually dried using hot air instead of frying with oil! By doing so, they are smooth and raw to keep in moisture and provide a more flavorful noodle. You can enjoy the true, rustic taste of the soup base because no oils emerge from the dried noodles! For an authentic ramen experience, Mukashinagara Ramen is a must!



Hiyashi Ramen

Hiyashi Ramen literally translates to “cold noodles”. It is one of the most popular summer foods eaten throughout all of Japan. It is a great noodle to eat when it’s hot and you want to eat something that cools down your body! You can add many toppings, such as cucumbers, ham, eggs and tomatoes!



Tabete Dashimen Kyougamo Dashi

Ramen with a high-quality Kyoto duck based soup. The soup is very rich, but also quite sweet and more of a white or clear color. For those who are huge fans of traditional tonkotsu ramen, this soup is quite similar and has a reminiscent taste that everyone can enjoy!