2018. May Box Description


Sano Ramen

From the city of Sano in the Tochigi prefecture, the noodles of the Sano Ramen are pounded using bamboo sticks and made with water fresh from the famous springs in the city.

The texture of this ramen is “mochi-mochi” and “tsuru-tsuru”, which means a little chewy and smooth in Japanese. The instant noodle version of Sano Ramen tastes very close to the original, so you’ll feel like you’re eating the real deal!


Men Zukuri Shoyu Tonkotsu

Maruchan has done it again with this flavorful soy sauce ramen! The noodles, which are non-fried, are thick and smooth with a bit of elasticity. The broth is made with pork, vegetables, and spicy, rich soy sauce. Add in chashu, menma, and onions and you’ve got one of the most popular ramen bowls in Japan!



Gotsumori Chanpon

This chanpon ramen, which originated in Nagasaki, includes 90 grams of noodles and extremely satisfying flavors! Thick, round noodles are suspended in a broth flavored with both pork and chicken while the white rice soup adds extra rice flavor and vegetable sweetness. Combined with cabbage, kamaboko, carrots, and other flavorful vegetables, the subtle taste of clams is sure to bring a smile to your face!


Karai Ramen

A Korean-style inspired ramen made from a seafood based soy sauce combined with various different spices. It tastes a little like Kimchi, and is recommended for every season except for summer – it’s way too much heat for most people to handle! If you like spicy food you will definitely love this ramen!



One of the best Instant Yakisoba (fried noodles) bowls found in Japan, both for its taste and its clever name! If you don’t know why it’s called UFO, don’t worry; many Japanese people don’t know either!

Here’s the secret meaning behind the name:
U stands for Umai (Delicious)
F stands for Futoi (Thick)
O stands for Okii (Big)!

Put it all together and you’ve got tasty noodles that are big, thick, and delicious!


Charumera Tonkotsu

Boasting an amazing 90 seconds of cooking time, the hard, thin, straight ramen noodles in Charumera Tonkotsu have become an instant fan-favorite in Japan!

Unlike traditionally thick tonkotsu soup, this ramen has a light and easily drinkable broth that is sure to warm the heart, soul, and stomach! Try adding your favorite ramen toppings to make the dish even more satisfying!


Maruchan Seimen Miso

With the same elasticity and thickness as raw noodles, this miso ramen offers some of the best tasting ramen noodles in the business. Using both red and white miso, the dish is perfectly balanced with the pork flavoring. Even the real taste of vegetables comes through since the noodles are not fried in oil.

If you love traditional miso ramen, then Maruchan Seimen Miso is one of the best instant miso ramens you can get!


Ankake Ramen

Ankake Ramen is an easy to cook rice noodle soup that tastes just the same at home as it does in noodle shops around Japan. Using a delicious soy sauce and vegetable broth, this dish really shines with its perfectly placed tempura features. You can enjoy this soup to the fullest by adding boiled eggs, pork, and vegetables.



Tabete Dashimen Yuzudashi

This relatively new type of ramen was created in the Kochi Prefecture of Japan, and features the unique taste of Japanese yuzu, which is a citrus fruit! Due to the fact that it’s an unusual and new type of ramen, many Japanese people don’t even know it exists!

Don’t miss this chance to try this tasty, yuzu-infused ramen!


Tempura Soba

Branching out from your typical ramen bowl, Maruchan brings forth a new delicious hot dish – soba with tempura! Deep-fried shrimp and vegetables are mixed into the buckwheat noodles, which create a smooth, enjoyable taste.

If you want to try something a little different to broaden your tastebuds, this Tempura Soba will do the trick!