2018. April Box Description


Ramen Sora Kara Miso

Making its debut in January of 2018, Acecook has reproduced the popular miso ramen prepared in the famous noodle shop Sora in Sapporo! Perfect for those looking for a bit of heat with their ramen, Japanese peppers are infused into the broth to give the dish a spicy kick! Only found in Japan (and our Ramen Boxes!), this instant ramen is sure to blow your tastebuds!


Super Cup Torigara Shoyu

This soy sauce ramen is packed with flavor and delicious ingredients. Chicken, vegetables, and numerous spices all help to make a refreshing bowl of shoyu ramen that’s as rich as it is comforting.

The noodles have a firm elasticity, so they really stand out from other, softer noodles! Not to mention the fact that Super Cup Torigara Shoyu has 50% more noodles than your average ramen!


Home Run Ken Yasai Tanmen

This vegetable tanmen is packed with healthy ingredients that won’t make you regret slurping up the entire bowl in less than a minute! Using non-fried noodles and relying on the sweetness of vegetables to flavor the ramen, Home Run Ken Yasai Tanmen provides a low-calorie masterpiece that’s as delicious as it is healthy!


Gotsumori Wanton Shoyu

After only three minutes of cooking, Gotsumori Wanton Shoyu Ramen is ready to show you how onions, garlic, wantons, corn, and ramen noodles combine to make one satisfying meal!

The ramen noodles used are smooth, crispy, and have a good amount of elasticity. The chicken and pork broth is accented by the soy sauce flavored soup, and the entire dish can be taken to a new level by adding boiled eggs, pork, and vegetables.


Hyobanya Kokumiso Ramen

Building upon one of the newest forms of ramen, Hyobanya Kokumiso Ramen uses non-fried noodles that have great texture, rich miso soup, and delicious, flavorful vegetables. The soup is very thick, and is topped with cabbage, corn, and sesame. You can even add your favorite vegetables to enjoy this ramen to the fullest!


Curry Ramen

A classic staple in many households in Japan, Maruchan Curry Ramen paints the perfect picture of the Japanese interpretation of curry! The spice level is mild, and the noodles are thin and smooth. By adding vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, and onions, you can enhance the flavor even more!


Nissin Raoh Tonkotsu Ramen

This brand is one of the most popular in Japan for a reason! The noodles are fine, straight, and have a rich, crispy firmness to them – though you can always cook them for a minute longer to soften them up!

The pork bone broth has both garlic and red ginger added to create a more elegant, rich taste, and also provides a refreshing fragrance of sesame oil. A true must-try for all ramen lovers!


Mukashinagara no Chukasoba

A classic Japanese Ramen, the noodles themselves are made from Hokkaido wheat flour and eggshell calcium. They are narrow, non-fried, and have a firm and elastic body. The soup is flavored with roasted chicken, soy sauce, bonito, vegetables, and a ‘hidden taste’.

This ramen considered to be a rustic taste, and can be enhanced by adding boiled egg, bamboo, bean sprouts, and other traditional ramen ingredients.


Ramen Yasan Sapporo Miso Aji

Bring the taste of true, authentic Hokkaido ramen straight to your home with Ramen Yasan Sapporo Miso Aji!

Brewed in Hokkaido with miso and flavored vegetables, this ramen is savory, rich, and filled with flavors and tastes you can’t find anywhere else in the world! Only the truly brave of heart should attempt to eat this dish; there’s a good chance you might get addicted!


Nissin Raoh Shio

Land and sea come together in this salt ramen made from seafood, kelp, vegetables, and chicken. The noodles are thick and straight, which only helps to enhance the flavor of the broth further. This popular brand is known for creating the best instant ramen in Japan, so you know you’re in good hands when you open a pack and dive right in!