2018 March Box Description


Toyama Black Ramen 

A special ramen from Toyama prefecture. Toyama prefecture is located at the center of Japan. The characteristic of this ramen is this black soup. Just take a sip and a strong pepper taste will spread in your mouth. It’s a little spicy but has a very rich taste.

Enjoy this special Ramen from Japan!


Koku Tonkotsu Ramen

Tonkotsu(Pork bone) base ramen. The soup is lighter than an average tonkotsu ramen. If you are a fan of Tonkotsu, you will definitely love it!


Sunaoshi New Miso Ramen

Miso soup based ramen that comes with corns, wakame(seaweed), and bean sprout. The soup tastes somewhat like a miso soup. It is a little different from an average miso ramen but it still tastes good!


Jukutaki Hakata Tonkotsu Ramen

Ankake Ramen is a noodles with starchy sauce. This is a little different from a typical ramen and you can enjoy this noodle to the fullest by adding eggs, pork and vegetables.


Marchan Hot Noodle Neo Shoyu

Classic shoyu ramen from Marchan. The noodles are seasoned with garlic and onions. Chicken and pork are used for the soup.


Mukashinagara no Shio Ramen

Salt Ramen. You can enjoy the taste that has been around since a long time ago.The noodles are cooked without getting fried. The soup is very light and easy to drink!


Charumera Miso Ramen

Charumera is the top-selling series of instant noodles. It has over 50 years of history. The soup is very rich and tasty. Adding a grilled pork and vegetables will enhance the flavor.


Shijimi 70 Chikara Ramen Shio

This ramen has a lot of good reviews in Japan. It has a lot of shijimi extract in the soup. The soup is very light but rich in taste. Try this rare ramen that you can’t find anywhere outside Japan.


Sapporo Ichiban Yakisoba

Yakisoba from a famous brand “Sapporo Ichiman” For people who don’t know Yakisoba, Yakisoba is Japanese fried noodles. It tastes even better with mayonaise. It comes with seaweed that enhances the flavor.


Tokyo Ueno Zoo Ramen

“Why panda?” There are two pandas at Ueno zoo in Japan and this maker donates a percentage of sales to WWF giant panda conservation efforts.

It is shoyu ramen with chicken and pork based soup. The soup is quite light and easy to drink. The noodles go very well with the soup as well.