August Box Description


Ippudo Akamaru Tonkotsu(Pork base)

Combining the amazing taste of tonkotsu ramen broth with the steady hand of Ippudo Restaurant’s famous chefs, this seemingly simple instant ramen is anything but! With flavors that are sure to tickle your taste buds, you’ll hardly be able to tell the difference between this and Ippudo’s fresh, handmade tonkotsu ramen. Only found at select 7/11s in

Japan, we’re bringing this unique flavor straight to your home!



Toyama Black Ramen

Hailing from the Toyama prefecture of Japan, Toyama Black Ramen is true to its name: it’s

actually black! This soy sauce ramen, or shoyu ramen, has a peppery taste like no other! There’s a strong sense of crispiness to the black broth, which is how the ramen got its name. A common phrase to use while eating this ramen is, “Black shock!” because of the spicy peppery taste! Be sure to enjoy this special Ramen from Japan!




Acecook Chukasoba

Don’t worry about flavors and seasonings with this ramen; they’ve already added garlic and ginger to make sure the broth is both delightful and filling. For those who eat this ramen everyday in Japan – and there are plenty of people who do! – the biggest tip we can give is to add a bit of grilled pork and bamboo shoots (called menma) to make the dish a truly satisfying meal!


Sunaoshi New Miso Ramen

In as little as three minutes you can find yourself enjoy a hot bowl of Sunaoshi’s twelve noodle miso ramen. Packed with wakame (seaweed), corn, and bean sprouts, this ramen is sure to fill your stomach with delicious miso goodness! This new miso ramen is an interesting take on a classic staple ramen.



Karai Ramen

A Korean-style inspired ramen made from a seafood based soy sauce combined with various different spices. It tastes a little like Kimchi, and is recommended for every season except for summer – it’s way too much heat for most people to handle! If you like spicy food you will definitely love this ramen!


Hot Noodle Neo hamashio

Perfect for a heavy snack or light meal, Maruchan has made a new line of their popular instant cup noodles just for their ramen-loving patrons! Seasoned with onion, garlic, and chicken extract, these fried noodles will leave you feeling full and satisfied. The soup base gets its seafood taste from the savory shrimp and fish extracts, which pair perfectly with all the ingredients and spices!



Maruchan Seimen Tan Tan Men

Tan Tan Ramen is a Chinese-Japanese hybrid. This noodle soup has a deep broth flavored with sesame and a bit of chili-pepper heat. This cup noodle is miso based soup with pork, crab, minced meat, and pepper for taste. It has quite a spicy kick, so if you love spicy food you will definitely enjoy it!




Meisei Sula Tanmen

Based on a popular and famous shop, Akasaka Jin Lin, this tasty cup of ramen goodness has non-fried noodles, strong, thick soup, and a taste reminiscent of authentic Chinese restaurants! Bringing together the best of both countries, this slightly sour dish is perfect for those longing for authentic Asian food!


Maruchan Qtta Curry Ramen

A special curry ramen from QTTA series! The noodles are smooth and elastic due to the “shiny mochi recipe”, and are fried with oil and lard to give a uniquely fragrant flavor. The soup is a more European style curry, but still has a delicious pork, potato, and onion taste that Japan is famous for.  If you like both curry and ramen, you can enjoy both at the same time!



Sunashio Shio Ramen

Although this soup looks simple and plain, it actually packs quite a flavorful taste! The broth is light and clear, and delicious to drink! As one of the four traditional Japanese ramens, this authentic ramen clearly shows why it’s one of the most popular flavors in all of Japan. The best part is, you can add any additional toppings you want without worrying about overpowering the dish! Bon appétit!



Mukashinagara no Shio Ramen

Mukashinagara no Shio Ramen is a salt ramen that is produced a bit differently than other instant ramens. They aren’t fried in order to be dehydrated, and as such have a bit of a different taste and flavor than traditional fried instant ramen dishes. True to its original taste, this salty and satisfying Japanese instant ramen easily transports you back to the beginnings of true ramen creation in Japan!



Charumera Tonkotsu

Charumera Tonkotsu is a ramen that takes the speedy aspect of instant ramen one step further: it can completely cook 90 seconds flat! Due to the hard, thin noodles in this pork based soup, you won’t have to wait very long before diving in and slurping up your meal. Unlike traditional tonkotsu soup, the broth is lighter and better for drinking after you’ve finished your noodles. It’s not hard to realize why this is one of Japan’s most popular instant tonkotsu ramens!



Sunaoshi Shoyu Ramen

Combining the best of both worlds, this ramen features both shoyu and tonkotsu in one soup. The balancing act actually helps to tone down the normally very strong flavor of tonkotsu ramen so that you can experience the flavors and tastes without being overpowered. Most people who enjoy this instant ramen in Japan prefer to add a few slices of grilled pork to further enhance the flavor and experience.



Mukashinagara no Miso Ramen

This is the Mukashinagara series ramen, which translates to traditional ramen. It’s a tonkotsu base ramen, but also features a mix of red and white miso; something that hasn’t always kept up with current times. Onions, cabbages, and seasonings help to enhance the tonkotsu and miso flavors. This ramen is the epitome of what true, authentic, traditional Japanese instant ramen is supposed to taste like.


Charumera Shio Ramen

Charumera is the top-selling series of instant noodles in Japan, and those living outside the country are dying to get their hands on it! This instant ramen has been made for over 50 years, proving that the tried and true methods still have merit. The soup is light and clear, the noodles are just the right size and shape, and every ingredient only helps to show the true flavor of this salt ramen.



Nissin Hakodate Salt Ramen

Enjoy the warm, umami-rich flavor of salty soup broth with Nissin’s Hakodate salt ramen. Inspired by famous ramen specialities in Hokkaido, the broth is a rich flavoring of skewered scallops that are sure to delight. Add some chopped green onions and slices of pork for the ultimate ramen experience!





Hiyashi Ramen

Hiyashi Ramen literally translates to “cold noodles”. It is one of the most popular summer foods eaten throughout all of Japan. It is a great noodle to eat when it’s hot and you want to eat something that cools down your body. You can add many toppings, such as cucumbers, ham, eggs and tomatoes!



Tabete Dashimen Kirishima Kurobuta

This ramen is made with black pork bone stock, which is said to give it an interesting taste when compared to other instant ramen soups. The bone produces a rich flavor, making the soup uniquely sweet. The noodles are made from Hokkaido flour, and take two days to age and dry to perfection. Since the noodles are very thin, it only takes 90 seconds to cook.

Tonkotsu soup is usually very thick and creamy, but this soup is light and easy to drink. Tabete Dashimen successfully captures what it’s like to have one of the most popular Instant Tonkotsu Ramen in Japan right in the comfort of your own home!



Tabete Dashimen Hinaidori Shoyu Ramen

Hinaidori is a type of chicken designated as a Natural Monument of Japan. The soup is made with the broth of Hinaridori mixed with soy sauce. The noodles are made from Hokkaido flour, and are a non-fried variety so that the oils don’t overpower the delicious taste of the broth. This ramen brings a new level of sophistication and class to the simple act of eating a bowl of noodles and broth!