Different Types of Ramen You Didn’t Know


Do you know there is Ramen without soup?



This is called “Abura Soba“, “Maze Soba” or sometimes called “Shiru nashi Ramen (Ramen without soup) depending on restaurants.

Abura means Oil and Maze means to mix.

The main taste is Soy Sauce and you can pour chilli oil and vinegar as your like. This type of Ramen is getting more and more popular so you’d better try it.


How about this one!?




This is named « Tsukemen ».

As you can see in the pictures the noodle and the soup is separated!

You take a bit of noodle and dip it in the soup and just eat it!


Cold Ramen?




The appearance is just like normal Ramen!! But when you eat it, it’s different!

It depends on restaurant but they don’t just cool the soup but they make their own best arrange. So you can have a different taste in each Ramen restaurant.

You have to try it during the hot summer!!


These are ramen are trends in Japan! If you ever visit Japan, make sure you will try these delicious ramen!