Ramen Outside of Japan

For those living and working inside Japan, ramen is plentiful and easily accessible. Almost anywhere you go you’ll see either fresh ramen noodles being sold to be eaten immediately or cooked at home, as well as a plethora of instant ramen that can be prepared in under five minutes and is relatively inexpensive.

Unfortunately, not everyone lives in Japan or has easy access to getting to and from the land of the rising sun. That’s why most people look to alternative methods of getting their ramen fix on anywhere in the world! Read on to see how you can find, purchase, or even make your own ramen no matter where you are!


Fresh Ramen Noodles

What exactly is ‘fresh ramen’ and how do you determine if you’re actually eating fresh ramen noodles? Well, for starters, if you find yourself in a restaurant that serves ramen by the bowl, you’ve found a source of fresh ramen. If you find yourself in the kitchen making ramen noodles and broth from scratch, you’ve also found a source of fresh ramen. Whether you prefer getting down and dirty with flour, or want to use your hands just for the eating process, everyone worldwide has options in regards to enjoying fresh ramen noodles.

Make Your Own Fresh Ramen Noodles

If you’re not the type to go out in search for fresh ramen noodles, you can actually make your own at home with just three simple ingredients! Grab your baking soda (not to be confused with baking soda), water, and flour. If you can’t find baking soda, you can make your own by putting a foil-lined sheet pan in the oven at 250F or 120C with a layer of baking soda spread across it for at least an hour. Some people say that you can also forgo this step and simply use a combination of baking soda and egg, but it’s completely up to your preference.

Use half a cup of warm water to dissolve four tablespoons of baking soda before adding half a cup of cold water to the mixture. Add flour, knead until doughy, and then refrigerate for at least an hour. After the dough has settled, roll it out and either uses a pasta machine or cut the noodles by hand. Once you’ve got these steps down and have begun making satisfying fresh ramen noodles, you can begin experimenting with different types of flour to create different types of noodles. There are even gluten-free options available, which we go over in our article “Gluten-free Ramen”.

Another great thing about making your own ramen noodles is that you can enjoy restaurant quality ramen whenever you like, and can even store your fresh ramen noodles for later use! This means that you’ve landed yourself somewhere between restaurant quality and instant noodle paradise! As a final recommendation, we suggest you also do a bit of homework to make the best broth possible to accompany your noodles. If you need a place to start, read our article all about “Tonkotsu Ramen” to get an idea of what authentic ramen broth should look and taste like!


Find A Ramen Restaurant Near You

Not in the mood to get down and dirty in the kitchen? No problem! Ramen restaurants have begun popping up worldwide in order to try and satisfy the demand for fresh ramen noodles. Finding ramen anywhere in the world is even easier now with the advent of the internet. Simply search for ‘ramen near me’ and you’ll see so many results you won’t know where to start! We recommend trying to find the most authentic ramen restaurants near you that you get the full experience of what it’s like to enjoy fresh ramen noodles.  

If you want to find some of the best ramen restaurants outside of Japan, check out our other article “Top Ramen Restaurants” for more information! Whether you’re in England, America, China, Canada, Russia, Germany, Australia, or anywhere else in the world, fresh ramen noodles aren’t terribly hard to find!


Instant Ramen Noodles

Instant ramen is a bit less complicated than fresh ramen noodles, but in most cases, they can be just as delicious! You’ve likely heard of the more common brands, such as Cup Noodle, Maruchan, Nissan, and other grocery store ramen brands that are cheap and easy to cook. Instant ramen has been made out to be the stereotypical food of poor college students and impatient children, but many people would be surprised to know that there are some amazing brands out there that cater to a more refined palate.

Some of our recommended brands to try worldwide can be found in nearly every country around the world. From the humble beginnings of a man trying to feed the world, instant ramen noodles have been transformed into a culinary staple in any foodie’s diet. If you’re interested in reading all about the history of how instant noodles were created, check out our article, “The History of Instant Ramen” to get the lowdown on how and why these delicious noodles were created.

There are multitudes of instant ramen brands in the world today, which means that trying to list them all out here would take quite some time. Instead, we’ll highlight some of the more interesting instant ramen brands and companies located in various countries. If you’ve got the time, we recommend checking out: Indomie, Mr. Lee’s Noodles, Wai Wai, Mr. Noodles, Knorr, Indofood Sukses Makmur, Sarimi, Pop Mie, ABC Selera, Healtimie, Acecook, Shin Ramyun, Samyang Ramen, Neoguri, Apollo, Presto, Trident, Fantastic, Yum Yum, and Doshirak.

With those brands and instant ramen varieties in mind, it’s safe to say that you’ll still find many flavorful and unique styles of instant ramen straight from Japan itself. Though it might be a bit difficult to get your hands on ramen straight from Japan, there are ways to still enjoy the true Japanese flavor of this delectable meal. If you want to try authentic Japanese instant ramen straight from Japan, check out our subscription box service and have flavorful, delicious ramen sent straight to your door every month!


Where To Find The Best Ramen

The obvious answer here is Japan, of course! The only way to enjoy true, authentic ramen is to travel straight to Japan and plop down at one of the many ramen restaurants you’ll find almost everywhere throughout the country. Ramen found anywhere else just can’t compete!…

Just kidding! You can find delicious ramen almost anywhere in the world! Thanks to global trade and a growing love for all varieties of ramen, it’s almost impossible to say which variety or brand or restaurant is the very best. Though it’s impossible to agree on which ramen beats them all, it is possible to agree that fresh ramen noodles and instant noodles alike are absolutely delicious!