Ramen Places Near Me or Excursion for Ramen

Do you eat ramen at home or restaurants near your hometown? That’s great!

However, why don’t you take a trip to Japan for Ramen? Some Ramen Festivals are often held all over Japan, and you can try lots of popular ramen which you’ve never tasted before.

The other day, we went to one of the famous food festivals called Manpaku 2018, which is the largest food festival in the Kanto area.

In this article, we introduce what we saw and ate there.

Let’s enjoy our fantastic ramen journey article!

How to Get to Manpaku

Manpaku 2018 was taken place in Showakinen park located in West Tokyo on May 17th to Jun 4th. It takes 25 minutes from Shinjuku station by taking JR Chuo Line. After walking 10 minutes from the nearest station, Tachikawa, you can see this gate to enter.

The entry fee was 500 yen on weekdays and 800 yen on weekend.


Inside  Manpaku, they were divided into 11 areas according to food themes, and each area had approximately 5 shops. Most of them were popular or remarkable restaurants in Japan, so this opportunity to eat them at the same time was such a good deal!

Moreover, there were huge areas where we could eat with sitting under tents, so you don’t need to care about where to eat, and a family can spend enjoyable time with kids.

Ramen Area

Now, we move to Ramen we ate. There were six ramen shops, and we picked two from them.

Sio Ramen with Olive Oil and Conpoy Soup

First one is left on the picture. It was served by Rakkan, which is a highly appreciated ramen restaurant located in Nishi-Azabu. They are particular about ramen soup which are prepared from dried bonito, dried sardines and seaweed. Additionally, they make original soy source by themselves and inherit form age to age.

Taste of ramen we ate was simple but full-bodied. Ramen broth was seasoned by scallop shells and added olive oil, so it was richly flavors. However, they also included kinds of Japanese citrus called yuzu, and it became more refreshing. Topping of the ramen was simple: boiled pork, boiled and seasoned egg, and onion, but each of them was so delicious!

However, we found out that it was devised just for this festival, so you cannot eat it anywhere else.

If you want to try Rakkan’s ramen made with special ingredients, make sure you visit this restaurant in Japan!



Addresses: 1-8-12 Nishiazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Nearest Station: Roppongi (Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line)

TEL: +81-80-4059-6667

Opening Hour: 11:00-17:00

Budget: ¥1,000-1,999

Hakata Tonkotsu Ramen

The second one we ate was tonkotsu ramen served by Ramen Jinanbo. Hakata is a city in Fukuoka prefecture which is famous for tonkotsu ramen. Compared to sio ramen, the taste is richer and heavier. The uniqueness of tonkotsu ramen is the noodle. It is thin and goes well with deep-flavored tonkotsu soup. Especially, one of the toppings, pork kakuni was so delicious! “Kakuni” is a pork which is cut into cubes and boiled with seasonings. Other ingredients were Welsh onions, boiled eggs, and auricularia auricula. People who like rich food must love it!

Ramen Jinanbo has 5 restaurants in Fukuoka. Check them out online!


Finally, we introduce other foods which ate there. This picture shows one of the famous Japanese meals. It is a large bowl of rice topped with fresh seafood. In Japan, it is the traditional culture to eat fresh seafood, especially Japan is surrounded on all sides by the sea. Sushi is popular around the world, but this bowl also has a deep-rooted popularity among Japanese people because you can eat some fresh seafood together. We recommend you to try it!

In Japan, we have some food festival. I hope you come to Japan and enjoy!