Ramen Soup vs. Chicken Noodle Soup


Have you ever had a cold, flu, or some other type of illness that left you bedridden with a runny rose, fever, and fatigue? Many people who’ve had such experiences have been told the same thing by family members and friends: a bowl of chicken noodle soup does the body good. Ever hear of any of the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” books? There’s a reason why people think that this seemingly simple soup has magical healing powers.


With that in mind, what separates this soup from others? What makes it so special that it can heal all ailments? In this article, we’ll take a look at the similarities and differences between chicken noodle soup and ramen. After if, if a hot bowl of chicken noodle soup is good for the body, shouldn’t a steamy bowl of ramen yield the same results? For all the ramen lovers out there in the world right now, many people hope so!

Chicken Noodle Soup

The base of chicken noodle soup is almost self-explanatory, as the main ingredients are listed in the name. You’ve got chicken, you’ve got noodles, and it’s a soup. There are other ingredients that are commonly added, such as vegetables and various spices, but the basics for this classic dish remain the same. Some people prefer to switch out the noodles in favor of rice, barley, dumplings, or other types of pasta, which are just as delicious and comforting, but the staple ingredients are short egg noodles and vegetables.


Legend has it that chicken noodle soup actually cures common ailments, though many have speculated that there’s little to no truth in such claims.  The real reason most people associate chicken noodle soup with getting over a cold or flu is because it’s a warm dish that many people enjoy eating even while they aren’t feeling their best. Taking in nutrients through a rich, easy to swallow broth is nothing new for treating the sick. Of course when someone finally gets over their sickness they’re more likely to attribute their wellness to what they ate or drank while they were sick, no matter what else they did during that time to get over their sickness.


Ramen is a noodle dish that has almost too many varieties to count. The fact that there are almost infinite combinations of broth, noodle, toppings, and seasonings that combine to make one delicious bowl of comfort food mean that the options are endless. It also means that there’s a ramen out there that anyone and everyone can enjoy. There are a few staple broths made from pork, chicken, miso, salt, and seafood in the normal range for authentic Japanese ramen, but almost anything can be used to flavor this delicious dish.


Ramen has been a beloved comfort food in Japan since its debut in the small island country. Though the origins of how ramen got to Japan are a big fuzzy, the generally agreed upon theory is that the popular noodle soup came from a nearby neighbor; China. Even in the aftermath of World War II, ramen vendors still came out every day to serve the hurt, injured, and poverty stricken citizens of Japan a bowl of comfort and hope. Ramen has a deeper meaning than just a simple meal; the traditions and history of the food make it a meal to remember.


What’s Similar?

There are obvious similarities between chicken noodle soup and ramen, like how they’re both soups, generally served hot, and have a broth and pasta aspect to them. Both are usually paired with meats, vegetables, and a combination of toppings and seasonings to improve flavor and branch out from the original recipes. So, in essence, the the main components of both soups are very similar, and can almost be interchanged to create a new, more interesting dish.


Ramen is favored by many for being relatively cheap and easy to make. The same college students and tired parents who don’t want to spend too much time making a meal for the whole family will grab a can of ready-made chicken noodle soup with the same tenacity as they do instant ramen. Both come in fresh and instant varieties that suit the needs of anyone, whether they need something quick and easy or they want to spend a little extra time to ensure quality flavor and taste.


Just like ramen, there are chicken noodle soup recipes that have been passed down through generations. Some people prefer one recipe to another, while others just love any of the many varieties that are available. Just like how there are different pastas and starches that can be used in chicken noodle soups, there are many different noodle varieties that go into ramens as well. There are plenty of similarities between the two soups, but there are also quite a few differences.


What’s Different?

Have you ever seen a chicken noodle soup bar? What about a chicken noodle soup restaurant? How about any restaurant that claims to have the most authentic, best tasting chicken noodle soup in that area? Is there any place in the world where you can sample different bowls of chicken noodle soup without leaving the neighborhood? Have you ever slurped up a noodle from a bowl of chicken noodle soup for more than three seconds to get the whole noodle in your mouth? You can do all of those things with ramen.


Do families and friends instantly grab a package of instant ramen to cook for someone when they’re feeling under the weather? Can you substitute completely different noodles – such as pasta, elbow, spaghetti, or bow tie – into ramen and still call it ramen? Has anyone written a book called “Ramen for the Soul”? Are there pre-made cans of ramen broths available in all grocery stores around the world? All that and more are commonplace for chicken noodle soup.



Which One’s Better?

Like most things in life, this question can’t be answered by anyone but the individual who has come to a crossroad of flavor and favoritism. Both dishes are generally tasty and delicious if prepared correctly, and both have a wide array of possibilities in terms of ingredients. It truly depends on the person preparing the dishes and the person who ends of enjoying them as to which they prefer in the long run.


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