Top 5 of Asian Noodles

How many Asian noodles do you know? These days, Asian noodles are attracting interest all over the world, and you can see these noodles restaurants around cities. Today, we introduce the popular Asian noodles we recommend! Some countries have their original flavors based on their cultures and traditions.

Japanese Ramen

Ramen noodle is not originally from Japan, but China. In 19th century, it was imported from China, seasoned so Japanese will like it, and became “Japanese ramen noodle”. Since then, ramen is a daily food for Japanese people. Most basic soup of ramen are sio, shoyu, miso and tonkotsu. Additionally, common toppings are:

・Boiled eggs: eggs are steeped in soy source marinade

・Boiled bamboo shoots: fermented and dried bamboo shoots

・Roasted pork fillet: roasted pork is seasoned by soy source or soup

Furthermore, you can choose the hardness of ramen according to your preference.

Features of ramen are fast, delicious, and reasonable! These are many kinds of ramen in Japan, and the number of its variety increases day by day. Moreover, some ramen restaurants like IPPUDO has expanded overseas, so you are available to eat Japanese ramen in your countries.


Rice Noodle

Most of world noodles such as pasta and ramen are made of wheat. On the other hand, in Southeast Asia, rice noodle is more common.

One of them is Pho. It is a Vietnamese food originated from Hanoi, and spread overseas after Vietnam War. Its characteristics is healthy compared with other noodles. You prepare stock from chicken or beef, so the soup is a normally light taste. Toppings are also simple: meat (chicken or beef) and vegetables. Most basic pho’s topping is just beef and a Welsh onion. Moreover, adding coriander and squeezing a lime is popular in Vietnam.

Most of restaurant, some seasonings and spices are put on table, and you can add as you like.

Tom yum goong is Thai food, and one of the world’s best 3 soups along with borsch and shark-fin soup. Therefore, the most remarkable feature of that noodle is its soup! Base soup is chicken soup, also adding lemongrass, spices and num pla. Thus, taste is so spicy and sour! If it is too piquant for you, let’s pour coconut milk. It would be milder. As “goong” means shrimp in Thai, main of its noodle is shrimp. Flavor which combines tom yum soup and shrimp is so amazing!

Thai has one more popular rice noodle. It’s Pad thai. According to CNN’s research, pad thai is ranked top5 at world’s 50 best foods. Compared with other rice noodles, it is not boiled, but stir-fried. (Pad thai means a tir-fry of Thai.) Ingredients are generally shrimp, bean sprouts, Chinese chive, roasted nuts, thin fried egg and so on. Taste is little spicy, but you will be hooked!

Laksa is famous in Malaya and Singapore. Soup is prepared from not meat, but fish or shrimp. Then, it is said that laksa is not harmful for Islam. In fact, most people in Malaya and Singapore are Muslim, so laksa is popular in those countries. Taste is similar to curry, but it’s milder because laksa includes coconuts milk.

You can eat those noodles we recommend today in Asian restaurant and also buy instant noodles online! Let’s try!!