Top 5 places to eat Ramen in Tokyo

01. Tsukemen Michi

The first entry is not a usual Ramen restaurant. Indeed Michi, located in Kameari, serves principally Tsukemen: a special type of ramen. The noodles are served separately from the soup, and you have to drip them into the hot soup. In this way, the noodles do not absorb the soup and you can fully enjoy the taste and texture of the ramen. Michi serves the best tsukemen in Tokyo: the noodles have a delicate texture that matches perfectly with the incredibly tasty soup prepared with fish and pork.

02. Kobaiko

Located in Monzen-Nakacho, Kokaibo is famous for its quality ingredients: fresh vegetables, fish, pork, natural salt are the secret under the tasty soup (so tasty that you will drink it all!!). Their signature ramen, is really cheap (only 600¥), but you will have to wait a few minutes before entering, because this ramen restaurant is really popular, and attracts many Japanese workers during the lunch time.

03. Japanese Soba Noodles Tsuta

Tsuta is a peculiar ramen restaurant that serves a special kind of soup: it is seasoned with black truffle. A real fusion of the Western and Eastern culinary scene, you can smell the good aroma of truffles while eating the thin noodles that match greatly with the delicate taste of the soup. You won’t find any other ramen restaurants that serve this kind of Ramen, so if you are interested we recommend you to go to Sugamo to try it!

04. Menya Kisso

If you like fish based soup ramen, then you must go there. Menya Kisso is famous for serving one of the best fish based soup ramen in Tokyo. From the soup you can smell the delicate aroma of seafood, while the soft and thick noodles are completely hand-made.

05. Murasaki Kuroki

Located in Akihabara, the electric city of Tokyo, Murasaki Kuroki’s speciality is the “kamo-soba”: Noodles served in a chicken-based soup with slices of duck and Kabosu (Japanese typical citrus fruits). The sour taste of Kabosu matches perfectly with the salty soup and duck meat. It is one of the most popular ramen restaurants in Akihabara, so we reccommend you to avoid the peak time.