Top Ramen Restaurants Worldwide

When you think of ramen, it’s just natural for your mind to also think of Japan. Considered to be the birthplace of modern ramen, Japan is the country most associated with the delicious dish of noodles. Yet, with ramen becoming more popular worldwide, there are more and more restaurants popping up that try and take the title of the world’s top ramen restaurant.


We’ve put together a list of the world’s best ramen restaurants, including those found in Japan and those from outside the land of the rising sun. Read on to see where you can find some of the best ramen dishes around!


The Top Ramen Restaurants In Japan


The first thing you’ll notice upon entering this highly rated establishment is a common ramen ticket machine. Although you might think that the lack of options available means that there isn’t much to this place, you’d be wrong. You choose your bowl, any extras you might want, and then you get the option to customize your ramen exactly the way you want it. Many people say that this is one of the best reasons for coming to Ichiran, though the taste of the ramen alone is worth the trip! Try out this top ramen restaurant as soon as possible!




Also famous for wantons and reminiscent tastes, Mangetsu brings the familiar, enjoyable taste of ramen to anyone in Japan. They’ve even combined the best of both worlds to create something both new and exciting: wanton ramen. They also have dishes other than ramen, but truly their creativity and expressionism in venturing across the frontiers of flavor is something many restaurants aspire to replicate.




Tucked inside a small side-street, this restaurant is a diamond in the rough just waiting to be found. One of the biggest attractions this location has to offer: delicious, full, rich, flavorful broth! People say that Fūunji has some of the longest lines, but only because of the quality of tasty ramen! If you’re looking for an authentic, true to Japan’s ramen standard experience, then grab a ticket, grab a seat, and start slurping up those delicious noodles!




This restaurant is so famous and known far and wide as one of the few Japanese restaurants to be called a Michelin star restaurant. The ramen here is so famous that you have to go through a special procedure just to get a bowl – if you’re lucky! They only serve so many bowls a day, so you’ll have to make sure you line up to get your lucky ticket fast!

This top ramen restaurant is so complex in how they choose who gets a bowl and who doesn’t that you’ll need to make sure to do your due diligence and research before you arrive! Don’t let that deter you, however, as it’s completely worth the gamble!



Ide Shoten

Thin noodles, tonkotsu broth, and flavors that make your mouth water just thinking about them. All that and more are available at one of the top ramen restaurants available in Japan. It’s hard to imagine that such succulent bowls of ramen have been produced from this single establishment for the last 30 years, but the family run business continues to thrive. If you’re looking for an authentic, genuine taste of Japan, then try Ide Shoten on for size!




Offering up unique and interesting flavors of ramen you might not have seen or tasted before, Afuri is a top ramen restaurant that has all the chefs buzzing! It’s almost impossible to get a seat right away, but these dishes are well worth the wait. The noodles are said to be a bit more firm than other ramen shops, but they compliment the savory broth just right. Get a bowl next time you’re in the area if you’ve got the time!



Ramen Zundouya

Located in Osaka, Ramen Zundouya allows each and every customer to select the level of richness of their broth, as well as the thickness of their noodles. You can add extra toppings, more pig fat, and even more noodles if you have leftover broth! Slurp all you like – getting messy is just part of the fun! Don’t forget to spice up your ramen or flavor it how you like, as Zundouya has no shortage of toppings and spices!



Naritaya Halal Ramen Shop

If you’re looking for something a bit different but still delicious, try out some Halal ramen! Complete with a prayer room, the restaurant is a must-see for people of all walks of life! Seating is limited, so you’ll have to wait your turn to chow down on some delicious dishes! Said to have some of the largest portions around, Naritaya makes sure that all customers leave satisfied!




Ramen Nagi

Said to have the fastest service for ramen restaurants in all of Japan, Ramen Nagi offers fast food that’s still up to restaurant quality. You can customize your ramen almost any way you want it, from noodle thickness to soup intensity and more! Some say that this top ramen restaurant is perfect for those seeking a level of intensity they can’t find anywhere else in Japan, or the world for that matter! Step up if you want to try something new, flavorful, and delicious!




Lines start forming as early as an hour before opening at this famous ramen restaurant. Also sporting a Michelin star, Nakiryu is well known for serving ramen – with a kick! There’s generally more spicy, tangy taste in every bowl of delicious ramen. No restaurant can claim to be one of the top ramen shops without an adoring fan base, which isn’t surprising when you see that almost everyone who dines here leaves with a full stomach and a smile.




The Top Ramen Restaurants Outside Japan

Kanada-Ya – London, England

If you’re looking for an engaging story behind the bowl of ramen placed in front of you, Kanada-Ya in London has you covered. Take a look at their website to read all about how the original owner of the first restaurant in Japan eventually made his way to London to bring another island country joy through ramen! Whether rain or shine, don’t let the weather get in the way of enjoying authentic, Japanese ramen while in England!



Tsujita LA – California, America

At Tsujita LA, you can enjoy the sunny atmosphere California is famous for while eating ramen that Japan is known for! Specializing in tsukemen, Tsujita provides top quality ramen at amazing prices! Dip your noodles into delicious tonkotsu broth and taste authentic Japanese flavors with a bright twist! Enjoy other popular Japanese dishes with your ramen, including sushi and tempura!



Hakata Ikkousha – Beijing, China

Specializing in Hakata style ramen, this amazing ramen restaurant is sure to please any Japanese ramen lover! The waitstaff is pleasant and welcoming, and the service is friendly and helpful. Staff also speak Japanese to give this restaurant a more authentic look and feel, and are what put this ramen shop on the list of top ramen restaurants outside of Japan!



Harvest Union – Vancouver, Canada

Putting an organic spin on traditional ramen tastes, this quaint restaurant allows diners to enjoy a new taste of classic Japanese ramen. They even have vegetarian and vegan options so that all can enjoy the wonders of ramen. It’s obvious to most that the ingredients used are of the highest quality, just like trained chefs in Japan pride themselves on having at all times. If you’re ever in North America, make sure to stop by Vancouver to get a little taste of Japan from the other side of the world!



Ramen Club – Moscow, Russia

Have a taste for a delicious warm bowl of ramen while in the snowy tundras of Russia? Then head on over to Ramen Club in Moscow and see what they’ve got cooking! Considered to be a top ramen restaurant because of its wide variety of flavors and dishes, the Ramen Club has many healthy and tasty choices to try! Fish, duck, beef, and pork are all available flavors for these delicious, satisfying bowls of happiness.



Takumi – Düsseldorf, Germany

The ramen restaurant that makes people wish that they lived in Düsseldorf, Takumi has everything that traditional ramen shops offer in Japan. Lines can get extremely long, as people come from far and wide to get their very own taste of Japanese ramen in the heart of Germany. If you love salty, delicious, authentic, flavorful ramen, then try out this restaurant the next time you’re in the land of the lederhosen!



Menya – Sydney, Australia

Tucked away from the main street, this lovely little eatery houses some of the most delicious flavors any Australian could hope for! Unlike most authentic ramen restaurants, Menya can usually keep up with the higher demand of ramen lovers that flock through their doors. This means that although initial wait times may be a bit long, staff and servers are professional and speedy with their service. If you’re looking for a fast, tasty, top quality ramen in the beautiful land down under, then head over to Menya at your earlier convenience!



Which is better?

Many people will tell you that the top ramen restaurants are all found in Japan, but as chefs around the world are beginning to perfect the art of ramen and impress even the original masters, it’s hard to say. As the world opens up and shares recipes, ideas, and inspirations, food lovers can rest easy knowing that there will always be something new and exciting to tickle their taste buds.


As far as ramen goes, it’s almost as hard to find a place that doesn’t do the dish justice as it is to find the number one top ramen shop in the world. Chefs will keep cooking and we’ll keep eating!