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In our Monthly Boxes, you can find 4-12 Japan-Exclusive Instant Ramen. Each box is unique, and we pack only the rarest and most delicious Ramen, so you can try different tastes each month.
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"Miso Ramen Sora"

As the birthplace of one of the most popular Types of Ramen in the World, Miso Ramen, Hokkaido is a destination where Ramen Lovers from all around Japan gather. And you should know that “Ramen Sora” is one of the Highest-rated Miso-Ramen Restaurants in Hokkaido. We have picked up this month’s special just for you, so that you can taste this amazing piece of culinary art at your home!

As you open up the cap, you can smell the strong aroma of the Japanese Miso Paste, mixed with the “Dashi” (Broth) made with meat and vegetables. You will soon notice that under the red soup there is “Soboro” (Minced meat) made with chicken and pork seasoned with soy-sauce and other traditional spices. All accompanied by Green onions and “Sansho” (Japanese Pepper). The Noodles used are the perfect match, since they absorb all the taste to create an explosion of pure deliciousness.

If you are a real Ramen Lover we are sure you will LOVE it! Especially if you like Miso-Ramen, you can not miss our Next Box!


1.We ship your box in the first week of the next month after you subscribe.

2.We will let you know approximately when the box is delivered after registration.

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